Don't be afraid,

we don't bite ... hard.

The Coaches

It's the people that make Slowify what it is. Their intuitive and innovative ways make sure that programs are effective, people are happy and the atmosphere is on point. We're proud to introduce you to our team!

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Maarten's career spans more than ten years in different coaching environments, ranging from topsport coach working with national youth teams to corporate wellbeing expert and keynote speaker in SMEs and large corporations.

Through his learning mindset and his never ending hunger for growth, he participated in a multitude of certified trainings to build and broaden his coaching attitude. Today, he continues to deepen his skills and his understanding on how to improve team dynamics and optimize human potential.

Humor, curiosity, enthusiasm, vulnerability and positivity characterize his style 💯% 

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Evelien shares a passion for learning and growth. She has a rich experience in personal development trainings. As a facilitator she loves to guide teams & organizations on their quest for more clarity and openness, so people can experience more freedom and joy in their life and work. 


Evelien learned about the importance of personal development for companies up close in her family business, Schoenen Torfs. She knows how investing in the personal growth of people is key for the sustainable growth of a company.


Rest, empathy, integrity and clarity characterize Eveliens' style.

Clarity on what matters most

That's exactly what we strive for. We want to be be part of a world where organizations and its people have clarity on what matters most. In challenging times, clarity acts as an anchor. As an external expert Slowify guides both individuals and teams.  We set the foundation for a culture where people can operate & communicate from a basis of trust, be authentic and have a strong sense of purpose & accountability.


Basically, if everybody lives up to their true potential, we can close our books. Because, we have other hobbies too, you know.