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Slowify guides your team on a journey where it sets the foundation for a culture where people can operate & communicate from a basis of trust, be authentic and have a strong sense of purpose & accountability. ​

We take your team to a wonderful location surrounded by nature - away from all the hustle and bustle - where we focus on all levels of well-being and bring the focus back to what matters most. Our off-sites stand out through their balanced yet playful combination of interactive sessions & unforgettable activities. 


Professional coaches guide your team through a well-structured and action-oriented process of connection & reflection sessions.

We not only ignite ideas, boost motivation and change the way people think. We bring people beyond the ratio and let them experience a new way of interacting.


​During this team journey we aim to close the intention-action gap by translating key insights into practical commitments.​ Training days consist of essential insights on relevant topics, hands-on exercises, reflective questions and an action plan to take home.

In anticipation of the first training day we organize a Team Opportunity Scan to raise awareness and to make sure you as a team tackle the right things.


During the training days we build the foundation for a context where team members can get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

After the last training day, we plan an in-company team follow-up to ensure your team takes the next step in the right direction.


I am very grateful for the two days we have spent with Slowify in    the soothing Ardennes. Honesty, sincerity, integrity facilitated  extending our comfort zone and established an even stronger  Management Team.” 


—  Boris Van Calenbergh

CFO Bike Republic - Colruyt Group

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